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Why Choose R&D Plastics

R&D Plastics is plastics injection molding done right. Our intensive focus and extensive experience allow us to provide superior quality plastic parts at a competitive price. From design to manufacture, contact us to find out what R&D Plastics can do for you.

Design Resource Center

Making your product a reality requires proactive, creative thinking and attention to detail during the design phase. R&D Plastics wants to work with you from the beginning to ensure the best design for your application. Please visit the Design Resource Center to learn more about our process.

More Than Shoot & Ship

R&D Plastics provides so much more than the manufacturing of plastic parts. From pad printing to welding to custom packaging, see how our assembly and decorating processes will help you realize superior productivity and lower costs.

R&D Plastics is a USA based, high quality, low-cost, market driven, plastic injection molder and engineering company.

R&D Plastics is a medium-sized, high quality, custom plastic injection molder serving world-wide manufacturers. The key benefit to our customers is competitive pricing for high quality parts, combined with a high level of technical support and service. 
Our company was founded on the idea that we would be a low-cost operation. We have established partnerships with skilled outside subcontractors in lieu of increasing staff and overhead. By reducing the number of manual operations, we have effectively minimized direct labor. We also strive to maintain minimal inventory of raw materials and finished goods.

As we move into the future, our company is focused on continuous improvement and steady growth. We have just completed an addition to the current R&D Plastics facilities which has increased our production efficiency and increased finishing and assembly options.


By working closely with our material suppliers and automating processes when practical, we strive to minimize and maintain competitive pricing. To learn more about how we manage costs, read our section about the factors that influence the cost of a plastic injection molding job.

Market Driven

As a market driven company, we define our operations and goals around the customer’s needs. Our company decisions flow from the market’s need for low-cost, high quality plastic part production centered around engineering assistance and customer service. See how our process model has been developed to serve our clients.

Quality Oriented

At R&D Plastics, our design and manufacturing decisions are scrutinized based on their influence over product quality. In fact, our mission is to deliver cost effective, zero defect plastic parts, on time and on budget to all of our customers. We work on continually improving our processes in order to stay true to our zero defect mission. Read more about our quality oriented approach to plastic injection molding.

Engineering Company

Being an engineering company, we provide expert technical support to our clients, utilizing state of the art technology. We offer a small sample of the kind of information you can expect to receive from our staff in the plastic material selection tips and plastic injection molding tips sections of our Design Resource Center. Our Case Studies demonstrate some of the engineering solutions we’ve developed for clients in the past.

R&D Plastics is your greatest resource from initial design to manufacture.