Plastic Injection Molding Tips - Some Basics

Perhaps, it may be helpful to see some real-life situations. Let us show you by example. From small to large, simple to complex, here are some lessons we've learned from previous projects.

Plastic Part Design Considerations


Material selection and design both strongly affect snap performance. In many cases snap features are desgined to be "steel safe" so they can be easily adjusted to the proper stiffnes.


Polypropylene is one of the best materials for hinge features.The design of the hinge and the mold affect the performance of the hinge.

Light Pipes

We have extensive experience with light pipes for which material selection and mold design are critical.


Each overmolding project we have encountered has been unique. Therefore, we have a wide range of experience. We've learned that material selection is critical for both the substrate and the overmold. The part design, mold design, and gating play important roles in product success.

Insert Molding

We can mold inserts and components into parts on a vertical machine or a horizontal machine. This approach eliminates secondary operations and captures the insert very well.

Structural Foam Molding

One method for compensating for design issues and sink prevention is using a blowing agent in a material in order to create a cell structure inside the thick portions of a part.

Thin-Walled Molding

We have experience with thin-walled molding in both standard and high-pressure injection machines. Material selection and mold construction are both critical factors.